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Touristic resources

Zavoi Park from Ramnicu Valcea is one of the oldest parks in the country, dating from 1850. In the park, among the ancient trees, we can find the Zavoi Lake, a restaurant and the office of the Ariel Municipal Theatre. At the park entrance one can find Ruler Barbu Ştirbei Monument, the work of Professor Constantin Mihailescu which dates from 1920. As well, one can find in the park the "Fountain of Turbatu", built by C. Maldarescu, said "Turbatu", which dates from 1844, revolutionary assembly center from July 29, 1848 when for the first time, in a formal framework, was sung the current anthem of the Romanian state “Desteapta-te, Romane!”.


County´s History Museum

Address: Calea lui Traian, no. 143;

Profile: History, prehistoric archeology, geto-dacian and roman period. The museum stands in a building that was built in 1898 (former school)

Summer program (April-October): daily 10AM-6PM, closed on Mondays

Winter program (November- March): daily 10AM-5PM closed on Mondays


 „Casa Simian" Art Museum

Address: Carol I street, no. 29;

Profile: Romanian Imitative Arts, Religious Arts

Simian House currently houses the fine art collections of the County Valcea Museum. Medieval art collection includes icons and religious objects from the XVI-XIX century, originated from Valcea only. Some pieces are really unique. The fine art collection joins to the work of various artists from the national revival era of the nineteenth century, alongside with some important values ​​of Romanian painting.


Summer Program (April-October): daily from 10AM to 6PM, closed on Mondays

Winter Program (November-March): daily from 10AM to 5PM, closed on Mondays



„Anton Pann" Memorial House

Address: Ştirbei Vodă street, no. 18;

Profile: Memorial – literature history.

Urban architectural monument built in the mid of eighteenth century. The museum´s objective is a small urban salon dating from the mid-nineteenth century. The second room of the house has an interior with painted furniture, typical for Transylvanian area.The last room of the exhibition presents musical works, collections of folklore, poetry and works that reveal typographical and literary work of Anton Pann.


Summer Program (April-October): daily from 10AM to 6PM, closed on Mondays

Winter Program (November-March): daily from 9AM to 5PM closed on Mondays


Râmnic´s Archiepiscopacy Museum Collection

Address: Carol I street, no. 53;

Profile: Religious Art

The collection is located at the episcopal Palace (XVIII-XIX century). It also includes collections of wooden icons from XVII-XX century, works of Gheorghe Tattarescu, furniture, religious silver pieces, “Carte Romaneasca” (Romanian book) etc. 

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