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Dintr-un Lemn Monastery

Access: DN 64 Rm. Vâlcea -Drăgăşani 18 km,turn right at Băbeni on DJ 646 2,5 km Frânceşti, turn right DJ 646 3,5 km, turn right in Dezrobiţi - Moşteni to Balutoaia, on DJ646c, 2 km; at 12 km of  Băbeni station and at 3 km of ,,Dintr-un Lemn" Monastery.

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Schedule : Daily

Monastic life: Nuns with community life  

Abess: Stavrofora Emanuela Oprea. 

Telephone: 0250/762756; 0740/527612; 0767/927171. 

Titular Saint: „Naşterea Maicii Domnului" (Virgin Mary´s Birth) (8 sept.).

History:  According to the tradition, it was founded in the early decades of the sixteenth century by building a wooden church from the wood of a single oak and on the exact place where the oak raised. An icon of Virgin Mary was found in the oak´s hollow. Hence, the monastic settlement gained its name "Dintr-un Lemn Monastery". The story and tradition of the monastery was recorded as well by Deacon Paul de Alep. Between 1653 and 1658, he traveled to “Tarile Romane” (Romanian Countries), accompanying the Patriarch Macarie of Antioch, the Metropolitanate of Ungrovlahia Neofil Cretanul on July 29, 1745 and the poet Grigore Alexandrescu in 1842. The stone church was built in the 1640s by the ruler Matei Basarab (1632-1654) and restored in 1715 by the ruler Stefan Cantacuzino (1714-1716) and his wife Păuna, who added a porch that collapsed in 1926.

    Between 1938 and 1940, the Ministry of Air and Marine, conducted restoration works and the monastery became the symbolic altar of worship for pilots and mariners. Two chandeliers donated by Serban Cantacuzino (1678 - 1688) and Ms. Marica Brâncoveanu, three imperial icons and 36 icons painted by Gheorghe Gherontie, painter from Hurezi were preserved.

Historical Monument

Miracle-working icon: Icon of the Virgin with Child.

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