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Govora Monastery

Access: DN7/E81 Rm. Vâlcea -Sibiu, (8 km)turning left in Lunca commune, Gura Văii, turning right at Muereasca (1 km).

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Schedule : Daily

Monastic Life: Nuns with community life  

Abbess: Stavrofora Heruvima Covaci. 

Telephone: 0250/770342. 

Titular saint: „Assumption” (15 aug.).

History: It was built for the first time in XIV – XV century, under the reign of Vlad Dracul (1436 - 1447), but in 1440 it was ruined by Boyar Albu Cel Mare, during the reign of Vlad Tepes (1448, 1455 to 1462, 1476). It was rebuilt between 1492 and 1496 by the rulers Vlad Calugarul (1481 - 1495) and Radu Cel Mare (1495-1508). During that period, the monastery Govora became one of the richest and most populated monasteries.
                Between 1640 and1645, the ruler Matei Basarab (1632 - 1654), made a total renovation of the monastery and installed a printing press given by Bishop Peter Movila from Kiev. In 1640, at the monastery Govora was printed "Pravila de la Govora", the oldest collection of laws, both ecclesiastical and secular. It was renovated and expanded between 1710-1711 by the ruler Constantin Brancoveanu (1688-1714), when it was added the bell and the buildings on the left and north side by the hieromonk Paisie, the abbot of the monastery. The mural paintings in Brancoveanu style were made ​​between 1711 and 1712 by the painters belonging to Hurezi School.

In 1775, they built the refectory. The temple is from golden lime wood with beautiful motifs of great artistic value. In the porch, above the entrance doors of the church, one can find the painting “Maica Domnului cu Aripi si cu Sfant Acoperamant”, considered unique both in the country and in the entire world. The painting was based on the lines written in the Apocalypse of saint John Theologian, chapter 12, section 14 ” And the woman (Virgin Mary) was given two wings of the great eagel, for her to fly above deserts… ”.  Virgin Mary helps those who ask for help. Restored between 1958 and 1969, the whole Govora Monastery was damaged by the earthquakes of 1977 and 1986. It was partially restored between 1986 and 1988, last works have were done in the period 2001 to 2005. Historical Monument

   The publishing house Fortuna prepares to reprint in a critical edition “Pravila de la Govora” which will – include, in parallel the anastatic reproduction of the original text and its modern transcription.

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