The Monasteries
Sărăcineşti Monastery

Access: DN7/E81 from Călimăneşti to Sibiu, 5 km, turning right on the bridge 300 m, immediately turning left alongside the river 1,5 km, turning right at “troita” (trinity) 300m.

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Schedule : Daily

Monastic Life: Nuns with community life

Abbess: Nun Anastasia Felicia Honcioiu. 

Telephone: 0754/737678.

Titular Saint: „Assumption” (15 aug.).

History: The monastery was founded in 1688, by the pontiff Stefan of Ramnic, the year when the construction of the church from the land of Saracinesti boyars begun. In 1693 the main founder, Pontiff Stefan died and was buried in the church threshold. The pontiff Damaschin successor to the episcopacy of Râmnic seat, brought to Sărăcineşti the painters Teodosie,Gheorghe and Preda, who painted the chapel of Hurezi and in 1717 they painted the church.

 Until 1860, the building was known as a convent, afterwards it became a monastery for monks, just until 1873. Between the years 1873 and 1913, the church became a subsidiary of the Congregation Cheia, and inside the sanctums a primary school for children from the villages Pauseni, Olanesti and Cheia functioned. From 1913 to 1960, it worked as a convent.  In 1960 it was disbanded, the buildings were converted into elderly people's home, and the church was assigned to the congregation in the area. It was reestablished in 2007 with a community of nuns brought from Bistrita Monastery. Nowadays are conducted some works of consolidation and restoration to the whole monastery. The monastery is a historical monument. 

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