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Sfinţii Voievozi Church

DN 64 Caracal – Rm Vâlcea, km 75, turn left on Filipeşti street, turn left on Bogna street

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Sfinţii Voievozi church, from Bărbuceni village, commune Prundeni, Valcea county, with the titular saint "Assumption", stands in the center of Bărbuceni village, on the Olt Valley, at 10 km north from municipality Drăgăşani, a village crossed by DN 64, Piatra Olt-Sibiu. The village was first mentioned in documents in 1583. The Church is a historical monument dating back to 1815. There are indications that the current church was built on the place of an old church with no data on it. The present church was built in 1815, of brick and covered with shingles, and later with board, the founder being the landlord Karagic Barbu, "who died and the painting and decoration were continued by his wife Stanca toghether with her sons  Barbu and Mihalache". The church is built boat-shaped and consists of an open porch, narthex, nave without aisles, altar and two towers. The painting was made in Fresco in tempera dust, in Byzantine style. On the outside, halfway up, the church presents an ornamental double girdle, in the form of saw teeth. From waist of the girdle till the roof Old Testament prophets are painted.


— Above the entrance from the church´s porch we can read the frase: “With the help of the holy trinity the present holy church was built having the titular saint: ”Assumption of the Virgin and St. Nicholas and St. John the Baptist together. The church was built by Barbu Karagic toghether with his wife Stanca. Built in 1815, by Stanca Karagioaica, widow of Barbu Karagic, toghether with her sons Barbu and Mihalache, decorated with paintings, finishing the work in 1832. Painters: Matei, Naie son, Tudorache student. . Blessed be the poor because theirs is the kingdom.” 


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