The Monasteries
Ostrov Skete

Access: from Călimăneşti, to the right of the Central Hotel, turn right over the bridge, on the island; located on an island of the reservoir of the Calimanesti hydroelectric plant on the Olt river, being linked to the SPA Calimanesti- Caciulata by a bridge, at a distance of 5 km from the halt C.F.R Călimăneşti-Jiblea.

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Schedule : Daily

Monastic life: Nuns with community life 

Abess: Nun Mariami Tunza. 

Telephone: 0250/750244; 0744/219010. 

Titular Saint: „Virgin Mary´s Birth " (8 sept.).

History: The church was rebuilt between 1520 and 1521 on the place of an old church from the fifteenth century, being founded by Neagoe Basarab (1512 - 1521) and his wife, Mrs. Despina. After her husband, Neagoe Basarab and her son Teodosie had died, she became a monk of this monastery. It was painted between the years 1752 and 1760.

The nun Maximilia, sister of Ion C. Bratianu was the abbess of the skete during the sixth decade of the nineteenth century. Restoration works took place in: 1940, from 1956 to 1957 and from 1962 to 1963. Because of the hydropower on the river Olt, the skete was elevated by about 5 m (1983-1984).

Miracle-working icon: Virgin Mary Hodighitria Icon, restored in 1791 by Ioan Zugravul. 

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