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Cornetu Monastery

DN7/E81 Rm. Vâlcea -Sibiu, km 41; in Calinesti village, Brezoi city, at 2 km from Cornet  station, on the Ramnicu. Valcea-Sibiu railway. 

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Schedule : Daily

Monastic life: Community with three members

Abbot: Archimandrite Vartolomeu Androni (temporary).  

Telephone: 0250/778768; 0721/820282. 

Titular Saint:  Beheading of Saint John the Baptist” (29 august). 

History: It was founded in August 1666, during the vaivode Radu Leon (1664-1669) time by the magistrate Bejescu Mares and his wife Mary.  According to some information it is possible that back in 1666 it had suffered some restoration works, and that it would actually exist since 1511 with the name of "Pometul Skete” having the titular saint "Virgin´s Birth". In 1761 it was painted in fresco by the painters Radu, Mihail and Iordache on the expense of Captain Alexe Loviste.

In 1808, the Skete was destroyed by fire and in 1835 it was restored and painted back. In 1835 began the painting of the narthex and the nave, by the abbot Irinarh, who also was a painter, when he painted his portrait in the north of the narthex. In 1864, the skete was secularized and passed all his fortune into the property of Eforie Civil Hospital from Bucharest that took care of maintenance and staff salaries. At the persistence of protosinghellos Diogen  Stroiescu, the caretaker of the skete, in 1889, was painted the iconostasis on the expenditure of Eforie Civil Hospitals. With the construction of the railway and the tunnel that runs under the church gates, the old sanctums were demolished and instead a new building was built. From the old buildings remained only a turret, tower defense walls to the north and east of the church.


Between 1916 and 1918, during the First World War were destroyed the dome and a part of the altar, which were rebuilt between 1923 and 1925.

In 1924 it became again a skete, thanks to the perseverance of the abbot Efrem Enachescu from the Cozia Monastery, when the three monks came and made the holy service of day and night.

In 1948, the skete passed under the jurisdiction of Ramnic and Arges Episcopacy.

 In 1960, were conducted restoration works by the Department of Historical Monuments. Were built new roofs to the whole complex, the enclosing wall was strengthened and new oak gates were made. Between 1990 and 2000, the church was strengthened; the painting was restored and was built a farm.

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